This is where it all started. Curtains.

Those little fantasies you have about having your curtains match your personality. The fantasies your kids have to get their favourite characters embroidered on curtains.

We make all those fantasies come true at Rangsaga where your fantasies meet our textile.

How to choose your curtain

As our precious customer, you must know which curtain best suits you and your ambience. Here is a little, brief sum up of the different types of curtains we offer. Always remember, we can customize any design you like as per your taste, so feel free to choose!

We offer primarily 3 types.

  1. Sheer curtains- These are the curtains which allow most of the light to enter through, resulting in less privacy. But these add a gentle touch to your ambience as the different motifs usually stand out a lot even if they are very faint. These curtains should be paired up with opaque ones, to ensure privacy when needed.
  2. Dim out curtains- This is the curtain which lets in moderate amount of light. This gives you privacy while also always keeping your room bright. These curtains are perfect for study rooms or kids’ rooms because these curtains always keep the atmosphere cheerful and bright.
  3. Blackout curtains- These curtains hardly allow any light to enter the room. Blackout curtains are usually chosen when your choice of design needs a thickly woven fabric. We recommend block out curtains for a chic touch.

We have a wide range of Curtains and Blinds. You can get curtains or blinds for living room or bedroom. We also have special designs for kids’ rooms.

These are available in a variety of hand embroidery and painting designs. These designs for curtains and blinds include Madhubani, Zardosi, Gotta patti, Shibori Dye, Afghani Patchwork, and many others. You can use same designs for sheers, dim-out or black-out curtains.

Our curtains and blinds are available in most standard sizes of doors and windows. They can also be customised for specific dimensions.

You can choose curtains and blinds in bold or vibrant colours, printed or embroidered, or a mix of different art forms.

With our personalized home drapery, give your rooms a makeover. Some of the fabrics we use for our curtains are Chanderi, Khadi Silk, Malmal, Dupion Silk, Canvas and others.