Rangsaga by Sanjeeta and Vaishali.

Rangsaga is a combination of Rang (colour) and Saga (epic or story).

At Rangsaga, we curate unique drapery, customised specially for you. We blend different styles of art and embroidery from around India, bringing culture, class and distinctive beauty into your home. At Rangsaga, fabric is the canvas. Thread, the paint. Motifs, weaves and stitches are the brushes. Your home is the gallery.

How do we work?

We collaborate with artisans from across India to blend the country’s rich artistic traditions onto contemporary drapery. We work with you on:

  • Understanding your vision
  • Providing ideas
  • Sourcing the material
  • Transferring your dream onto fabric using embroidery / painting / embellishments / stitching styles
  • Stitching the drapery

At any or all of these stages. We are as close as you need us to be in embroidering your dreams, in embroidering your home.

E-mail us at info@rangsaga.com, or call on: +91 98705 72727‬.

Alternatively, please fill the form below and we’ll get back.