I Am Zardozi

I had a very humble beginning. I originated in a small town in Persia, but now I am spread all over the world.

My name is made up of 2 Persian words, ‘Zar’ meaning gold, and ‘dozi’ meaning work. I am made by intricate embroidery of gold and silver threads on different fabrics. I am a regal piece of handiwork which can bring royalty and splendor to any ambience.

My journey from talented hands to Rangsaga curtains and cushions is very happening. An artisan named Mushir Khan from the city of Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh, India makes me. He has his own workshop where many other artisans come together to make me an epitome of grace and elegance. Making me is a painstaking process. My maker works day and night, at his workshop as well as home, meticulously threading each element of mine into different fabrics.

After I am complete, I am couriered to the Rangsaga studio. Here is where I get my form. My completed fabrics are sewn into curtains and cushions by yet another artisan, named Jaffar.

I am tagged and put up for display in the Rangsaga studio and on rangsaga.com, where customers like you can get a taste of my beauty.

Are we acquainted well enough? I hope so.

I am rich. I am a legacy. Yes, I am Zardozi.